PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Basket

PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Basket

PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Basket
PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Basket
PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Basket
PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Basket
1. Dome shrink wrap bags are the easiest solution for basket gift or any type of gift.
2. Shrink bags are a perfect way to provide tamper-evident while clearly displaying your products.
3. We produce dome, square and special shaped. Shrink bags are available in a variety of size, thickness and color.
4. This product is sealed on three sides to form. You could place your porducts in bags and seal the other side.
5. High clarity and excellent shrinkability.
6. FDA and RoHS approved
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 80 Guage ~ 140 Guage


 4" ~ 38"



TD Shrinkage


MD Shrinkage




Introducing our PVC Shrink Dome Bag for Gift Baskets, the perfect solution for beautifully packaging and presenting your gift baskets. These dome-shaped shrink bags provide a convenient and visually appealing way to showcase your gifts while ensuring tamper-evident protection.

Our PVC Shrink Dome Bags are designed to be user-friendly and effective. Simply place your gift basket or any type of gift inside the bag and seal the open side to create a secure and professionally packaged gift. The high clarity of the PVC material allows for clear visibility of the contents, enhancing the presentation of your gift.

We offer a range of sizes, thicknesses, and colors to accommodate various gift basket dimensions and aesthetics. Whether you need a small bag for individual gifts or a larger one for larger baskets, we have options to suit your needs. Our shrink bags are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.02mm to 0.035mm (80 Gauge to 140 Gauge), ensuring durability and reliability.

With FDA and RoHS approval, you can trust the safety and quality of our PVC Shrink Dome Bags. They are manufactured using high-quality materials that meet stringent industry standards.

When heat is applied, our shrink bags shrink uniformly in both the transverse direction (TD) and machine direction (MD), conforming tightly to the shape of your gift basket. The shrinkage ranges from 40% to 50% in the TD and 25% to 40% in the MD, providing a secure and snug fit.

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