PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve

PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve

PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve
PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve
PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve
PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve
1. PVC shrink Cut Band is good way to seal the top or lotion pump...etc, in case the products are opened before sell.
2. offer customized printed with your logo or slogan.
3. Can be perforated to your specifications.
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 100 Gauge ~ 240 Gauge 


 1” ~ 38”


 depending on client needs

TD Shrinkage


MD Shrinkage




Introducing our PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve, a versatile and customizable packaging solution designed to enhance the appearance and security of your products.

The PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve is an ideal way to seal the tops of various products, such as lotion pumps, ensuring that they remain sealed and intact until they reach the end consumer. With our advanced printing capabilities, we can customize the shrink sleeves with your logo, slogan, or any other desired design, effectively promoting your brand and creating a visually appealing packaging.

Our PVC Printed Shrink Sleeve can also be perforated according to your specifications, allowing for easy opening by end-users while maintaining the integrity of the packaging. This ensures a convenient and satisfying unboxing experience for your customers.

With a thickness ranging from 0.025mm to 0.06mm and widths from 25mm to 1000mm, our shrink sleeves can accommodate a wide range of product sizes. They offer a shrinkage of 40% to 50% in the transverse direction (TD) and 10% to 30% in the machine direction (MD), providing a snug fit around your products when exposed to heat.

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