PVC Printed Shrink Film

PVC Printed Shrink Film

PVC Printed Shrink Film
PVC Printed Shrink Film
PVC Printed Shrink Film
PVC Printed Shrink Film
1. PVC shrink wrap film is great material for package.
2. This product is seamless tube of PVC shrink film.
3. High clarity and excellent shrinkability.
4. Can run on high-speed automated machinery.
5. FDA and RoHS approved
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Depending on client needs

TD Shrinkage


MD Shrinkage




Introducing our PVC Printed Shrink Film, a premium packaging solution that combines the benefits of PVC shrink wrap film with eye-catching printed designs. This seamless tube of PVC shrink film is designed to provide exceptional clarity, superior shrinkability, and captivating visuals for enhanced product presentation.

Our PVC Printed Shrink Film maintains the high clarity and excellent shrinkability of standard PVC shrink film, ensuring a tight and professional fit around your products. The seamless tube design allows for easy application and provides a seamless, polished appearance.

With the ability to run on high-speed automated machinery, our PVC Printed Shrink Film offers efficiency and convenience for your packaging operations. Whether you're working with manual or automated equipment, our film ensures consistent and reliable performance, saving you time and effort.

Rest assured, our PVC Printed Shrink Film is FDA and RoHS approved, guaranteeing its safety and compliance with packaging regulations. You can confidently use our film for a wide range of products, including food items and other consumer goods.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.015mm to 0.08mm and widths from 80mm to 1000mm, our PVC Printed Shrink Film can be customized to suit your specific packaging needs. Length is tailored according to client requirements. The film exhibits a shrinkage of 40% to 50% in the TD (Transverse Direction) and 5% to 25% in the MD (Machine Direction), ensuring a secure and snug fit for your products.

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